Heartfelt thanks to all of you who submitted a proposal to First 5 Butte County. We appreciate the time and effort you put into writing your proposals. The work that you do on behalf of children and families in Butte County is deeply valued by the Commission.  

Northern Valley Catholic Social Services has been invited to enter into contract negotiations for “Project Fatherhood”.

The Gridley/Biggs Scoring Committee carefully reviewed the proposals.  The committee reviewed the RFP and revisited the identified goals:

  1. Engage community organizations and members in the planning, implementation and participation of the community network;
  2. Increase communication, collaboration and partnerships between organizations that serve children ages 0-5;
  3. Provide services/activities to children ages 0-5 and their families;
  4. Provide outreach and information to community members and organizations in order to promote the Five Protective Factors and the work of the Gridley/Biggs Community Strengthening Families Network

After thoughtful discussion regarding both the proposals and the goals of the RFP, it was determined unanimously by the Committee that none of the submitted proposals adequately addressed the goals of the RFP, thus none of the proposals received the minimum score of 75.  The Committee recommends that the Gridley/Biggs targeted funding strategy be returned to the Strengthening Families Committee for further consideration about how to most effectively fund a Gridley/Biggs Community Strengthening Families Network.