Sandra Machida, Ph.D., Commissioner

Professor of Psychology, CSU, Chico

As a constituent of Butte Creek Canyon for the past twenty years, I continually volunteer in many child-related organizations. I am a Professor of Psychology and was the Program Coordinator for the Child Development Program (6 years) with a total history of 24 years working at the University.

Some relevant highlights of my career include working with Head Start for almost 30 years in some capacity, and serving as a board member for Parent Education Network and Children’s World (state-funded preschool). I also conducted projects with Butte County Office of Education and Chico Unified School District, and provided strategic planning for state-level projects.

Professionally, I am a member of four national organizations where I held national offices for the Early Education/Child Development Special Interest Group (a division of the American Educational Research Association) and the Families as Educators Special Interest Group (another division of the American ducational Research Association). I have maintained professional currency by presenting at national conferences throughout my 24 years. I’m on the Editorial Board for Early Childhood Research Quarterly, a national publication for the National Association for the Education of Young Children (estimated national membership of over 110,000 individuals). My primary focus is on the efficacy of early education and intervention, risk and resilience in early childhood, and impact of family processes on school achievement. I would like to lend my expertise in the applied, research, and policy areas of early childhood development and intervention.