Our Investments

The Commission has made significant investments in critical programs for children and families since its formation in 1998, investing over $38.5 million in efforts to fulfill its purpose.

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As Proposition 10 tobacco tax revenue declines (it has declined by over 29% since 1999-2000), the Commission has necessarily refined its focus in order to have the greatest impact on our youngest children. The Commission recognizes that our children and families have great needs while the Commission has limited dollars to spend. By making early, strategic investments (i.e., using funds to prevent problems from occurring and to intervene early in the lives and development of children when problems do occur), the Commission prevents incurring greater expenses in the long term. Investments in prevention and early intervention are not only less costly, but they produce more desirable outcomes for children and their families.

In order to accomplish its goals, the Commission invests in programs and activities that are consistent with the 2015-2020 Strategic Plan.  This Strategic Plan builds upon prior accomplishments and lessons learned by focusing on Commission-designed Initiatives that address prioritized areas of need.

The Commission has adopted three Initiatives: Health, Family Strengthening and Systems Strengthening. With these Initiatives, the Commission works to address the whole child and to achieve specific results by funding services to young children and families who would otherwise no access to care.

The Commission continues to engage key partners and the community in the development of all three Initiatives.