Health Initiative

The desired result of the Health Initiative is: “All children are born healthy and reach their optimal health potential.”

The new Health Initiative combines the previous Health and Oral Health Initiatives into one in order to create a more holistic approach to ensuring the overall health of children and pregnant women in Butte County.  The category of “Health” includes physical, oral, and mental health.  Current funded strategies are organized into three main categories: 1) Provide prenatal outreach, education, and/or counseling; 2) Provide broad-based community education/social marketing about the availability and need for health care for pregnant women and young children; and 3) Provide home visiting services.  These strategies are intended to maximize the impact of Commission funds in realizing the outcomes of mothers having healthy pregnancies, parents and caregivers receiving the understanding and support needed to nurture thriving children, and newborns being born healthy.