Resources for Our Partners

Resources for Agencies Serving Children and Families


Babies don’t come with instruction manuals. The Kit for New Parents is a resource that includes everything from practical advice on prenatal care to information on a child’s first years. If your agency would like to distribute the kit, contact us.

Oral Health

Potter the Otter, a Tale About Water is a delightful story that assists families, caregivers and providers in talking about healthy drink choices. Potter drinks water, the healthy choice! Books are available for distribution to families with children 0-5. Contact us for details.

Contract Forms and Information

Commission Contract Requirements outlines the Grantee’s responsibilities.

The Request for Change form is to be completed and submitted when requesting changes to Milestones or the Scope of Work outlined in the contract.

Fiscal Forms

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I bill First 5?

Provide your agency’s invoice or a Claim Form (attached), a budget-to-actual spreadsheet (attached), and copies of backup to support the charges. Bill monthly or at least quarterly. Be consistent with the billing frequency.

How do we change the budget?

Use the budget-to-actual spreadsheet’s Budget Change columns. Enter negative numbers for line items you’re taking from, and positive entries for line items you’re adding to. All budget changes should total zero on the form, unless additional funds were granted by the Commission.

Additionally, on your agency’s letterhead, write the reasons you are needing to make the Budget Change. Submit both forms to your First 5 program liaison for review and approval.

It is not necessary to “true-up” budgets at the end of the year or contract—it is okay for some line items to be over and some to be under budget. Large variances require a justification on your agency’s letterhead.

Total expenses over the total contract amount however, will not be reimbursed.

How do I print the budget-to-actual spreadsheet on one page?

Use the Format, Hide, and Unhide features in Excel to hide non-current and not-used columns.

I found a mistake had been made in a prior billing. How do I fix it?

Do not correct a prior billing in the former period. In the billing period after you catch a mistake you will bill the current period’s line item total, plus or minus the mistake made in the prior period, and submit a note about finding the error and backup for it.

Prior-period corrections are always to be made in the present period so there is a clean audit trail, very important in the First 5 world!


Budget Spreadsheet

Claim Form


Healthy Beverage Policy

First 5 Butte County strives to promote health and wellness through the promotion of healthy beverages.  As mentors and role models for children and families, it is important that First 5 staff and grantees thoughtfully and intentionally maintain a healthy image at work and provide healthy opportunities and choices to our community.  Given the strong link between sugar-sweetened beverage consumption, obesity and dental disease, First 5 Butte County requests that all beverages served during First 5 Butte County funded meetings, programs, activities, events, and celebrations meet the guidelines in our Healthy Beverage Policy.

Supplanting Policy

First 5 Butte County established its Supplanting Policy with the understanding that the intent of Proposition 10 is to maximize resources.  Funds are to be used to augment, add to, or enhance existing program funds, grants, and/or services.  Funds cannot be used to fund existing levels of service.

Please review the Statement of No Supplanting form.

Tobacco Free Environment Policy

First 5 Butte County is funded by Proposition 10, the California Children and Families First Act, which taxes tobacco products.  Discouraging tobacco use among parents, pregnant women, and those who live with young children is a key objective of the Act. All First 5 Butte County Contractors shall agree to the following Tobacco Free Environment Policy.