Times are tough and the Commission funding really helps. Without it, providing hospital dentistry would be really tough. It is a blessing for the children in this county that the Commission has continued to see oral health as a priority. Thanks to the Commission for funding use of the operatory at the hospital.
~ Gary Nelson, DDS

My son has a language delay, and my parent educator helps me with developmental activities. I feel like a better parent because I am more prepared. It’s nice to know there are programs to help with my youngest child.
~ Mother of three, recipient of First 5 Butte County funded services

I never knew how important screenings were until we found that my son wasn’t seeing at his optimal level. My home visitor urged me to take him in for a formal examination. If I hadn’t, the minor condition could have become much worse.
~ Teen mom, recipient of Parents as Teachers services, funded by First 5 Butte County