Frequently Asked Questions

Happy family lays on the floor, smiling. Daughter cups her mom and dad's face.
What kind of services for families do you provide?

Visit Programs We Fund for a list of Programs and Initiatives.

When are the Commission meetings?

The Commission meets every other month. Please see the Calendar for dates and times.

How can I participate in a Commission meeting?

Public comment is invited at the beginning of each Commission meeting, and during every action item. Comment is limited to three minutes per speaker.

To request to be added to a Commission agenda to provide a presentation, please contact staff.

How does the Commission determine its priorities?

The Commission solicits feedback from the community, and develops a comprehensive Strategic Plan every few years.

The annual budget is developed based on the priorities identified in the Strategic Plan. The Commission updates its Strategic Plan annually at the April meeting, and approves its budget in June. Community input is welcomed and encouraged at every Commission and Committee meeting.

How can I request funding from the Commission?

At this time, the Commission is not accepting discretionary funding inquiries.

Proposition 10 revenues have declined such that First 5 Butte County is currently unable to respond to unsolicited requests for funds. For more information about how the early childhood system is impacted by funding reductions, please review this article.

How can I become a Commissioner?

The Commission is comprised of 9 Commissioners and 2 Alternative Commissioners, and welcomes individuals from diverse backgrounds and experiences, with the following affiliations, to participate as Commissioners:

  • Recipients of project services as set forth in the county strategic plan;
  • Educators specializing in early childhood development;
  • Representatives of a local organization for prevention or early intervention for families at risk;
  • Representatives of community-based organizations that have the goal of promoting nurturing and early childhood development;
  • Representatives of local school districts;
  • Representatives of local medical, pediatric, or obstetric associations or societies;
  • The county health officer and/or persons responsible for the management of the following county functions: children's services, public health services, behavioral health services, social services, and tobacco and other substance abuse prevention and treatment services;
  • Representatives of a local child care resource or referral agency, or a local child care coordinating group.

Qualified community members may submit an application to be a Commissioner. It’s recommended that you attend at least one Commission meeting before submitting your application.