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Mothers Strong

Dedicated to bringing vital mental health information to moms and families in the North State area.

Resources For Providers

American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology + Lifeline for Moms

Perinatal Mental Health Toolkit

This toolkit provides actionable information, algorithms, and clinical pearls so that obstetric providers and practices can successfully address perinatal mental health conditions. ACOG recommends that all women be screened at least once during the perinatal period for depression and anxiety symptoms using standardized, validated tools. If women are screened in pregnancy, the recommendation is to also screen postpartum.

Massachusetts Child Psychiatry Access Program

Obstetric Provider Toolkit

The Obstetric Provider Toolkit was created to assist front-line perinatal care providers in prevention, identification, treatment of depression, other mental health disorders, and substance abuse concerns in pregnant and postpartum women. Download the toolkit here.

Postpartum Support International

Trainings & Certifications

PSI offers multiple trainings, including Frontline Provider Trainings, various webinar series, a Free Maternal Mental Health Webinar, and certificate trainings, with the most popular certificate training is the 2-Day Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders: Components of Care geared toward Mental Health and Clinical Professionals, First 5 Butte has professional development funds available to local professionals, to learn more about funding opportunities visit the Apply For Funding page on this website.

Psychiatric Consult Line

The Perinatal Psychiatric Consult Line is a free service available by appointment for medical professionals who have questions about maternal mental health care during the pregnant, postpartum, and pre-conception planning. The line is staffed by reproductive psychiatrists that are members of PSI and specialize in the perinatal mental health disorder treatment. To create an appointment call 1-877-499-4773.

Massachusetts General Hospital Center for Women's Mental Health

Virtual Rounds

Every Wednesday from 2-3 PM EST, the Center for Women's Mental Health offers interactive virtual rounds for health care professionals. The virtual rounds include discussion around how providers think about treatment options with respect to presented cases and the decisions patients make about treatment before, during, and after pregnancy. Particular attention is given to the safest use of psychiatric medications during pregnancy, the postpartum period and lactation. To register for this resource visit the MGH Center for Women's Mental Health website.

Other Resources

MGH Center for Women's Mental Health maintains a resource page that includes links to online resources, professional organizations, and training materials and assessment tools that are useful for mental health and medical professionals when treating a mother for a PMAD. Resources on these websites include educational material for patients, diagnosis information for professionals and consultation lines.

To refer a mom or family to Mothers Strong so they can be directed to local resources, please visit the Help Me Grow Butte website and complete the referral form.

Call or Text Postpartum Support International to be connected to the PSI Help Line at 1-800-944-4773

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